Sunday, February 22, 2009

Max - want to go bye bye?


I got be a guest of Chula's this weekend in Chicagoland. She is looking great, she has even lost a pound or at least 14 oz's. Had a good time watching movies, eating , button shopping and being at a wine and cheese party and watching everyone else drink talking about songs from the 80's. Somewhere a rumor about me visiting in April started. I know the bribe list has started, at least there is a cake so far.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Recycled sweater

This is a sweater I bought over 15 years ago. It is hand knit in China? I do remember I bought it at Dayton's. When did that store disappear? I had given it to my brother to wear, realized he isn't wearing it so I decided to make use out of it. Currently I don't like wearing pull overs so make it a cardigan. It only took a couple hours, even after ripping out a whole side of I -cord. It has been washed many times so it's felted in areas and when I cut it it didn't roll or curl. I tried to knit very loosely the I -cord but it did pull a little, but a little water and stretching it is laying well. The button holes are between the ivory and black I cords. I was going to put a ribbed or garter stitch on the edges but decided not to because the sweater is too big already. I will wear it a coat most likely.