Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Current Project - Blue Sea

Just a few pictures of my current project. This will be my first totally fair isle sweater. I really have only done hats and yokes of sweaters. Don't get me started on where I live and the inability to get needles, I was going to knit the body in size 5. I didn't have one, we'll I couldn't wait to mail order so now it is being knit on 4's. Had to adjust my test gauge, let's hope it works. This will be a cardigan with a shawl collar, since that is my current mood with the last couple sweaters I have knitted. I will be off to Arizona for a long weekend. I will be hiking in the mountains in Prescott. So this will just have to wait. I have a little charity project to take on my trip. You can see I using Dale of Norway.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My First Car

This past weekend I was digging through boxes in the garage and ran into this picture. My wonderful first car, I paid $1,900.00 for it in 1984. It really only lasted another 4 years and a lot more money from mom and dad to keep it going. My reasoning with every call from college was, send me the money to fix it or you guys can drive 3 hours each way to get me. It worked every time. Also I forgot I barely weighed 150 pounds when I graduated from high school, what has happened with that???? You can click on the picture to see it better.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

I had a nice weekend in Stevens Point. The hard core training has started for "Walk Wisconsin" in June. T and I got in a little more that 12 miles in on Sat. We did get to see the Easter Egg Hunt along the river front. I gave up chocolate candy for lent, so I OD'ed on it Sat night and Sunday and was sick on Sunday night. That is what I am blaming how I feel on.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Shawl Collar Vest

I tried a couple new techniques for Meg Swansen's knitting book "Handknitting". This was knit in the round as you can see in the earlier post. I used steeks for the arm holes. I should have taken a couple more stitches off from the under arms, the shoulders are a little wide for a vest. It makes me look very square with is OK. The Shawl collar was fun to knit, I didn't completely understand Meg's directions but my interpretation worked and the collar rolls nicely. I think I could have gone a couple more ridges to make the collar a little higher. I like the browns with the black. I have enough wool, I 'll have to come up with another idea. Now I will have to finish the sock knit a long, I lost interest early on.