Thursday, October 15, 2009

Purple with pink daisies

This is a knitting challenge I gave myself. Do a child's sweater with only my knowledge from EZ. I got the sizing right after one pull up back to the design, I needed to reduce stitches after the 2 color knitting. The sweater was getting wider which is not needed yet for a small child sweater. This is the first time I knit sleeves from the cut arm hole. It worked fine the the two sleeves are only off by one stitch. I may try again, but how do you know when to stop and make sure the sleeve is long enough with the shoulder drop? I used Dale of Norway. What beautiful wool, after blocking the stitches were perfect and had a nice shine. I had the ribbon in my stash to add the detail and cover the cut edge, which didn't look that bad.

Green Basket Weave

I decided to knit a woman's sweater from a pattern for the fun of it. I couldn't let the pattern alone, I did the collar and button front a little different. Also I used a cable pattern for the ribbing.