Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Grey Sweater

Here is my latest seamless. I guess I am going through all of EZ's projects in Knitting Workshop. This is the raglan sleeve. Next must be a hybrid or saddle shoulder. This only took two weeks with the green hat being done between. I used Patton's 100% merino, huge clearance, this only cost $14.oo total. The buttons are from Grandma's stash, it gave a few minutes to think about her as I sewed the buttons on, she is 91 now. The buttons are all black but different styles, it gives the sweater a more original feel. I like the raglan pattern but it did take two tries to understand Elizabeth's directions for the neck increase and convert into left hand directions, but I got it. The ribbing is in broken rib, since you only purl every third row. The collar is influenced from Brooklyn Tweeds latest sweater, I should have made it a little longer, it still can be done. Lastly I am getting much better with gauge, it fits me. The yoke sweater, December post, is to big for me but I still wear it.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Hat

I really enjoy Two color knitting. I needed a break from my latest sweater, which is blocking as I write. It will be posted once the buttons are on. I wanted to use the motif patterns from Meg Swansen's knit along " Eli's Stocking" as seen on the School House Press web site. I did take liberties with the designs since I was making a hat and not a Christmas Stocking. The wool is a win from e-bay, so I don't know it's name. I just kept knitting until I was out of patterns I liked and the wool was running out. Like the mittens I have been making it is amazing how warm these double knit items are.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Monday, January 21, 2008

New Bike

My blog is called Knitting with Spokes, and I don't talk about biking as much. Weather permitting I am either walking or biking everyday. It really is only walking now, since it was -8 when I bought this bike, I will just have to wait to ride it. I learned an hour of exercise a day really isn't that much time. I did miss a few days this holiday since I worked two jobs. Anyway I just treated myself to a new bike. Yes, this is now my 4th bike. I got a good price for it. I enjoy riding for the exercise the time with myself and enjoying the world around us. I am not hard core, taking heart rate readings and needing the latest items. I do compete with myself always trying to improve the time or mileage of my rides. Romie

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


A friend asked if I could do something with her sweater. She didn't like the way the collar hit her on the neck etc. I could do what ever I wanted. Well I sat on this project for awhile and finally got the sewing machine out and started with no particular plan. Thanks to EZ and confidence in what I can do. I sewed cut and put a basic I- cord on the cut edge. The sweater is machine knit at almost 20 stitches to the inch. I am glad I just got size 1 dpn's for a sock project or I wouldn't have been able to pick up any stitches. With the wide black rows on the sweater I think the I- cord fit right in. I hope G likes it, I am sure I will find out today since she likes to see what is happening in my blog.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Here is what I call the "Pea Soup" Sweater. It is a wonderful soft green and gold yarn. I would like to tell you the brand of wool etc, but none of my balls have bands left on them. All I know is I got it cheap at my favorite yarn source during their summer warehouse sale. I took the Norwegian sweater modern. The whole thing is knit in the round. I always over estimate sleeves and had to take 4 inches off the end so they would fit better. The drop shoulder is to blame. I only needed to do a I-cord hem around the front cut and neck and hid the button holes in that. The bottom hem is garter stitch, the sleeves originally had that as well, now after cutting them off I-corded them also. The comment I always get is how warm my sweaters are. Well I always use chunky weight fashion wool for mom's sweaters so they would be warm. Also they take no time. I did knit in a faint cable along the button edge.

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

I want to wish everyone out there and happy and joyous New Year. Keep knitting!!