Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Grey Sweater

Here is my latest seamless. I guess I am going through all of EZ's projects in Knitting Workshop. This is the raglan sleeve. Next must be a hybrid or saddle shoulder. This only took two weeks with the green hat being done between. I used Patton's 100% merino, huge clearance, this only cost $14.oo total. The buttons are from Grandma's stash, it gave a few minutes to think about her as I sewed the buttons on, she is 91 now. The buttons are all black but different styles, it gives the sweater a more original feel. I like the raglan pattern but it did take two tries to understand Elizabeth's directions for the neck increase and convert into left hand directions, but I got it. The ribbing is in broken rib, since you only purl every third row. The collar is influenced from Brooklyn Tweeds latest sweater, I should have made it a little longer, it still can be done. Lastly I am getting much better with gauge, it fits me. The yoke sweater, December post, is to big for me but I still wear it.

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