Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Here is what I call the "Pea Soup" Sweater. It is a wonderful soft green and gold yarn. I would like to tell you the brand of wool etc, but none of my balls have bands left on them. All I know is I got it cheap at my favorite yarn source during their summer warehouse sale. I took the Norwegian sweater modern. The whole thing is knit in the round. I always over estimate sleeves and had to take 4 inches off the end so they would fit better. The drop shoulder is to blame. I only needed to do a I-cord hem around the front cut and neck and hid the button holes in that. The bottom hem is garter stitch, the sleeves originally had that as well, now after cutting them off I-corded them also. The comment I always get is how warm my sweaters are. Well I always use chunky weight fashion wool for mom's sweaters so they would be warm. Also they take no time. I did knit in a faint cable along the button edge.

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