Monday, December 17, 2007

My first seamless yoke sweater

Once I got my first Elizabeth Zimmermann book I wanted to try the seamless yoke sweater. The time has come, and in time for Christmas day. I learned a lot about my knitting ability and to just let it happen and I can think any issues through. First I could not decide what to do with the yoke, I think I have 5 different drawings/charts for this project and I finally took the design from Megs Norwegian sweater for Cully in Knitting Around. I rearranged the pattens. The decreasing was a concern for me, I actually have 6 decreases. Once I got to the neck I was close to the 40% according to EPS. I tried it on the neck hole was to big so I did another 25% decrease in the neck ribbing starting with 2 k 2p rib then p2tog the p's to a 2k 1p rib. These pictures are before the neck was complete. I am almost done, now all I have to do is bury the ends. I finished the neck with cast on/cast off method. The grafting on the underarms went well. There is something to be said about casting off the neck and the sweater is basically done.
Christmas pictures and me and sweater to follow. I am sure another seamless is not far away in the future.

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