Tuesday, September 22, 2009

3rd time is a charm???

I have been having a great summer biking through the rolling hills and bluffs of Juneau County. I cruise along thinking I like my bike and how far can I go, the weather is wonderful I am not sweating into my eyes. Well in the past 3 weeks I have had 3 flats. Last night was the last, I may have decided my road riding is over for the season. I went out for a quick spin, needed be home before 7pm for the start of "Dancing with the Stars". Once I was at the edge of town a little after 6:30 something didn't feel right. The @#$% back tire was flat again. This is a new tire and tube. Why me? So I walk the mile and half home, just in time. The thoughts that go through your mind while walking. Even if I had tools and tubes with me it still would have taken too long to change in the middle of town. The thought I may pursue is asking the city for tube money since all of my flats occur when I bike through town. They do a terrible job with sweeping the streets, all I do is jog around crap on the streets.

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