Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What will it become?

I think it was a day after I received "Knitting Workshop" by Elizabeth Zimmermann for Christmas I was knitting in the round. I had this wonderful wool from Australia so I set off a knitting. I thought I had a good gauge going about half way it felt small so I did add some stitches. Finished the sleeves, loved EZ's way of adding stitches, no holes! Got the sewing machine out, sewed and cut. Sewed the sleeves in. I tried it on and that was it, it was on with no room to spare. I had just lost 10 pounds and planned on losing another 10 so I left it unfinished in a bag. Ten months later I run in to the bag. Well the 10 pounds really didn't happen, but in EZ fashion I am not discouraged. The sleeves are off for an additional inch in length and width. The hem was finished last night. The sewing machine is ready to cut the front open to make it a cardigan with a little more room. I still need to decide on collar and buttons. I think I will dig through the quart jar of buttons my grandmother has saved, nothing went to waste in her world, once you out grew your cloths or the hole is in the wrong place the fabric was quilted and buttons put in a jar. Stay tuned.

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