Monday, March 31, 2008

Biking and Walk Wisconsin

I got the bike out this weekend. Having just moved I have lots of new land and roads to discover. Friday I was out for around 14 miles, I could have been out longer but I didn't have a watch and I was trying to tell time by the sun and that skill isn't that good. Sat I biked 20 miles, the road I choose to bike was snow covered the last time I was on it, well half of my trip was on what was gravel 5 years ago, it was soft smooth dirt with ruts and icy spots. Good thing I rode my hybrid, me new road bike would not have made it and I would have been mad at everything walking it. Also the wind from the South made the last 10 miles home take longer than I wanted. A group of friends and my brother are doing the Walk Wisconsin in June. We have started our training. This will be my second time doing the 26 plus miles. Sunday I got a 7 miles round in. I hope the biking with be good cross training. I am still working on sock shoe combinations, it's the feet that make the walk hard at the end.

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