Monday, April 21, 2008

Aran is complete

Had a nice weekend with the weather and the rain stopping sooner than expected. Got a good walk in on Sat. Sunday I took the road bike out for 3 hours, the weather was perfect, the views great. It is fun exploring the new roads of Juneau county, the only issue is I may run in to rutted dirt roads, but I think I know where they are. Anyway, I also had time to sew and cut my aran, it was going to be a cardigan, but once I cut the steek for the neck I thought it will work a v-neck as well, so I stopped there. I did have to go back and add to the neck it was too big and I also add 2 short rows to the back for the collar. It was a fun knit, I do like the sheep fold design, you don't need any cabling needles to do it. My gauge is getting better even with this type, but that % of a stitch is very important. I didn't have any hem on and it was a little short so I did add the garter stitch to it, which you can't see in these pictures.

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