Monday, April 14, 2008

Back from Santa Fe

It was a nice week. I would have pictures now, but I guess I am not smart enough to take pictures from AOL and put them in a blog. Anyway, the weather wasn't the best. Only one day over 60 degrees. We actually awoke two days with snow on the ground. It is what I expected, lots of art and museums. The history is great, thanks to Marilyn and her knowledge. The area is easy to get around. We stayed one block from the plaza which made getting around very easy. My wish to bike in the mountains didn't happen, to cold and windy. I did get two long walks in, the fun part is the unknown of walking in new towns. I just followed one street to the end and knowing my directions I was able to make a circle around most of Santa Fe in 2 1/2 hours. It has a very religous feeling for me with the missions and churches everywhere. Honestly a couple are each a block apart. Pictures to follow.

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