Friday, July 18, 2008

Bret Favre Sweater

Here is my latest Elizabeth Zimmermann saddle shoulder seamless. I call it Bret Favre because the colors are close to green and gold and Favre thinks he still wants to play football. It is made of a wonderful 50% alpaca blend. It is a little wider than I would like, I checked gauge and everything. Someday EZ will bless me with better gaugeing abilities. I love the seamless process, darning ends is all you have to do to finish it. In large sweaters like the ones I make and not the ones in EZ's books I alway have to adjust for the neck sizing, which is fine and I can figure it out. You can see the little saddle to rise the neck is not so little. It still looks finished. The sleeve strips do match the body, it doesn't show in the picture. Now I am doing a pieced sweater jacket in chunky wool, it is moving fast. I was going to convert to in the round but the front placket/facing knits along with the front pieces. I really don't mind purling once and awhile.

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