Thursday, July 17, 2008

Where are the pictures?

The last couple weeks a bunch has been going on. First off the 60 bike ride on Sat the 12th, went well. I asked are there hills? Oh, a couple I was told. About 5 miles into it we were in the foot hills of the rockies. The eastern part of Columbia county is beautiful with rolling hills, green everything and wonderful Amish farms. For biking it, it was a little more work than I expected, there is always a down to the up. I felt good and didn't cramp etc. We completed it in 4 hours and 22 minutes. Not bad we did stop at the rest stops to regroup. The food and the end was great. I might do this again. An hour after the race I had to rush off and get my new car. The older I get the more practical, I got a Subaru Outback. A station wagon with 4 wheel drive. I can't wait for the snow this winter, no more getting stuck in mom and dad's driveway. It is fun to drive, but I will miss the German engineering of my VW. I do have a finished saddle shoulder seamless waiting for pictures. They will have to be flat pictures. I am not putting on alpaca wool in this weather. Romie

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